C3Faces 1.0 officially released

C3Faces is a chart library for JSF based on c3.js. I want to announce the first official version of this library released to Maven central.

This version is based on the work of Martin Linha who started the project in 2015 but do not maintains it any longer. There were several requests which voted for an official release to Maven central making it easy to declare it as dependency in an webapps pom.

I forked this library and and refactored some internals preparing the library for some additions coming with version 1.1 which is planned for February.

Changelog about further changes between the original version and the forked one can be found in the official Changelog in the GitHub repository.

A showcase presenting the yet implemented features can be found on http://c3faces.kivio.org.

Have fun while playing around with C3Faces and if you find any issues or have suggestions for new features please leave a comment.

Hybride Softwareentwicklung

Agile Softwareentwicklung erlebt gegenwärtig einen großen Hype. Neuerdings ist aber auch ein Gegentrend zu diesem Hype zurück zu den klassischen Vorgehensmodellen zu bemerken. Hybride Softwareentwicklung beschreibt einen Ansatz, der die Vorteile beider Welten in einem Modell vereint und stellt seine Praxistauglichkeit anhand von Case Studies unter Beweis. Zusammen mit den Co-Autoren erläutere ich die Vorteile der hybriden Softwareentwicklung und diskutiere praxisorientierte Lösungsansätze für IT-Manager und Projektleiter.

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