Björn Berg

Wix Toolset plugin 1.12 for Jenkins released


A new version of Wix Toolset plugin was released on July 18th. The new version is automatically available via Jenkins update manager. This announcement describes the latest changes. Release 1.12 is a minor bugfix release with fixes to the internal logging routines and the handling of directory paths:

  • github #6: A percent in a path or environment variable could cause the plugin to crash if the values where printed with the internal ToolsetLogger. The internal printf was changed to println.
  • github #6: The bugfix for handling of directory paths introduced with 1.11 was changed again. If a directory path ends with a backslash, the last backslash in directory path is removed. Otherwise a quotation mark could get casted by the backslash if directory path contains whitespaces and that would fail the Jenkins Process Builder.

A complete list of all changes is available at GitHub.


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