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C3Faces 1.3 officially released

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C3Faces is a chart library for JSF based on c3.js. I want to announce the third official version of this library released to Maven central coming with a small fix for older versions of JSF and pre-defined colors and themes.

Fix for older versions of JSF

The configuration file faces-config.xml was extended and is now declaring components from the taglib. This requirement is defined by older versions of JSF and Spring Boot. Background information demanding this fix can be found here.

Pre-defined colors and themes

It is now possible to select pre-defined colors and themes for much more harmonius colours in charts. Therefore the classes C3Color and C3Theme were introduced. C3Theme contains themes used in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Spreadsheet. Showcase does not reflect this change so feel free playing around with this classes.

Further information

Changelog about further changes between previous version and the present one can be found in the official Changelog in the GitHub repository.

Have fun while playing around with C3Faces and if you find any issues or have suggestions for new features please leave a comment.


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